Genuine Marble

Genuine Marble - every tabletop is a unique piece of nature

Marble consists of calcite - broken down rocks, plant matter, and shellfish, which under great pressure and high temperature was turned into marble 1.5-3 million years ago in the Primordial Sea. Because of altering mineral contents, the marble can vary greatly in colour and hardness.

The tabletop consists of raw marble, which has been polished and treated with a sealer to extend the time it takes for marble to absorb liquid and such.


Marble is an open and porous surface, which demands caution and maintenance to avoid unwanted marks

  • Clean with a damp cloth and follow up with a dry cloth. For thorough cleaning use soapy water.
  • Avoid using acetous cleaning agents.
  • Avoid direct contact with liquid (water, wine, soda, coffee, red wine, etc.) and acetous foods such as citrus fruits and ketchup.
  • Sunlight can alter the colour of marble.
  • Avoid putting hot items directly on the table as this can cause thermal shock and cracks.
  • If you spill on the table, it is important to wipe off and clean immediately to avoid marks on the tabletop.